Layers and layers of the self peeled through

Layers and layers of the self peeled through
Alfredo A. Liongoren Retrospective Exhibition 

Alfredo A. Liongoren’s retrospective exhibition brings together artworks from six decades of his practice: starting from his student years at the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts in the early 1960s, to the succeeding decades—which have been typified by shifts between varying degrees of abstraction and figuration, and later, explorations with the overtly socio-critical and the performative. Laid down in themes and supplemented with archival materials, his artworks are treated as points within a matrix that one may trace along.

︎ Layers and layers of the self peeled through peeled through
︎ Exhibition Design
︎ Universirt of the Philippines, Diliman, Philippines

AWSC Shark Center

The AWSC Shark Centers offer an in-depth look at one of the ocean's most magnificent and misunderstood species: the Great White Shark! Through interactive exhibits, videos, and displays, the centers offer many ways to learn about groundbreaking research and one of Cape Cod's most captivating summer residents.

My partner and I created interactive exhibitions for the AWSC’s shark center in Provincetown. The exhibit composed of customized topographic sandbox, a shark jaw display system, shark anatomy kiosk, and a soundbox that simulate being underwater with sharks. 

︎ Atlantic White Shark Conservancy Center
︎ Exhibition Design
︎ Provincetown, Massachusettes 


Lumenimation is a stop-animation table that my partner and I built for our daughter, Lumen, for her 5th birthday. I designed, prototyped and fabricated the furniture that integrated all the electrictronic guts of the device while my partner programmed the software that allowed our daughter to create her first animations. This table is work in progress that we’d like to develop further to harness early childhood creativity. 

︎ Lumenimation
︎Furniture and interactive design
︎ Providence, Rhode Island 

Look What I Made
2019 - 2021

Look What I Made is a quarterly event hosted by  a Providence based artist-run maker space, AS220 Industries. It’s fundamentally an event that showcases a variety of thematic “show and tell” that invites  community members to present projects and works in progress to the general public. I designed the brand identity and promotional materials while also working with team members to conceptualize and curate each show.

︎ Look What I Made 
︎ Brand Identity 
︎ Providence, Rhode Isalnd

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