Fetility Flowers 

Goldie Poblador’s Fertility Flowers is an interactive installation of glass, scent and film that uses mythology to address issues surrounding the fertility of women.

The design approach for Fertility Flowers is to create a vessel that can host the artist’s multi medium installation.  I’ve created a singular vessel that could host all 3 elements (Glass, scent and film) to intersect and blend to allow the viewer to immerse and be close and personal to the artist’s multi-sensory installation. Poblador’s delicate glass sculptures informed the form of the vessel that suggest nature and femininity through the choice of material and form. It features a “video well” that aims to draw the viewer to look closely into the elaborate universe that Poblador has created.  

︎ Fertility Flowers
︎ Exhibition Design
︎ 601 Artspace, New York City 

Fertility Flowers | Goldie Poblador |Video by Michelle Sui

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