Mo Kong

Mo Kong takes us into the not-so-distant future, introducing New Yorkool®, a fictional Asian immigrant-owned consulting firm that offers survival solutions to Americans post-ecological collapse. Emerging among the eerily familiar circumstances of environmental disaster and unprecedented economic and trade isolation, New Yorkool® capitalizes on vulnerable populations suffering from a lack of basic resources. Here in New York, residents are experiencing the hottest winter in history, and have limited access to locally produced fresh foods. New Yorkool® fulfills demand with its new-found methods, and in the process exploits the most basic insecurities of our systems, and the ravaging inequities that emerge from their failures.

I’ve designed modular display systems that serves as sculptural vessels for Mo Kong’s speculative products that was built and produced in different intervals of the 6-month run of the exhibition.  

︎ Personal Ark
︎ Exhibition Design
︎ Queens Museum, New York 

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